Cara~Bean started with a vision. Provide quality, made to order meals and drinks at a fair price.


Coffee/Iced Coffee

Small    $1.95 / $2    Medium    $2.00 / $2.50    Large    $2.75 / $3

Tea/Specialty Tea

Small    $1.50    Medium    $2.00/$2.50    Large    $2.25/$3.00

Hot Chocolate

Small    $2.25    Medium    $2.75

* Made with your choice of milk, water or almond milk

Specialty Drinks

Caribbean Crush

An exciting combination of cranberry, coconut, orange and pineapple juice. A taste straight from the tropics.


B&B Spritzer

Fresh lime, cranberry and coconuts make up this specialty drink from the islands.


Ocean Water

Make a huge splash with this invigorating drink of coconuts, lemon and lime soda and topped off with Swedish Fish! Yummy!


"Wonderful place with wonderful people. Best bacon, egg and cheese in Connecticut."

Julie Burns-Kalinowski - Owner at Dave's Upholstery & Performance Accessories 2018

Contact Info

Address: 49 DeForest Street, Watertown, CT 06795

Phone: (860) 274-1088

Email: [email protected]


Breakfast & Lunch: Tuesday - Saturday: 8:00 am - 1pm

Dinner: Saturday: To Be Decided

CLOSED Mondays